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Supply Chain Management & 3PL

Who’s Really Driving Our Trucks?

Consumers & the Supply-Chain Industry

While we have a pool of experienced professionals behind the wheels of our trucks, in reality it is the consumer, who more than ever, drives our trucks and our business. Our lives as citizens of North America have been dramatically altered in a way that has not been seen since the industrial revolution.   While it is true that technology has greatly altered the tools of the supply-chain industry, technology has also changed how the consumer relates to said supply-chain industry.

Technology, Trucking & Customer Service

supply chain managementThe changes that new technology has wrought in the consciousness of consumers has pushed the transportation industry to grow, evolve and up its game.  It is challenging to keep pace with the escalating demands, but technology has cultivated for us an even greater awareness of the importance of customer service.

Technology & Consumer Consciousness

It used to be that a trucking company was something that operated behind the scenes and largely off of the public’s radar; apart from those rare occasions when a civilian might become irritated by a trucker’s “thoughtlessness” or otherwise perceived carelessness on the highway.  Such incidents were often resolved by the offended party displaying a single digit raised in salute at the trucker.  The truly committed might have gone so far as to follow up with the head office by calling to complain or write a letter.

Trucking & Public Perception

Social media has changed the landscape.  It can shape a company’s image and ultimately affect its bottom line.  We are all familiar with the “United Breaks Guitars” phenomenon of 2009.  To date the YouTube video has received more that 15 million views and was a public relations nightmare for United Airlines.  Since that time, technology has progressed to the point that handheld devices can lodge complaints or invective in seconds.  Trucking companies that haven’t been used to being on the front lines of the public eye must be ever vigilant to guard our images and render the highest level of customer service.  Technology has created an added incentive to do so.  And this is not a bad thing.  It pushes us to be better at what we do.

Supply Chain Management & Technology

Instant communication has also meant that the volume and flow of transportation and logistics has greatly increased.  More and more people are shopping online at home and anywhere from their handheld devices.  It falls to us in the transportation business to see that those goods get where they need to go.  Emerging technologies mean our lives are more “instant” than ever and people expect instant results.  As a consequence, an already fast-paced industry has had to find ways to become more adept at keeping pace and doing so with a high degree of accuracy.  Fortunately for us it is a two-way street.  Technology has come to our aid and given us the ability in the supply-chain industry to anticipate and keep pace with these increasing demands.  Nonetheless, it is the consumer who is the real driver.  While technology is a significant player, it is still the consumer who drives our industry.  And they continue to drive us to be better logistics professionals – on and off the road.

RIG-Logistics-LogoRig Logistics is an asset-based trucking company based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  If you have questions or are in need of supply-chain solutions, please contact us a Rig Logistics today.

Giving Back

Giving Back

Owning a trucking company is very challenging and rewarding. As an asset-based, private carrier, Rig Logistics has had the good fortune to be successful in our field. We believe that our success isn’t just about enriching our lives and those of our clients, but about bettering the lives of others as well. Part of our company mandate is that we consider it our responsibility to give and serve others. We think it is important to support local causes, as well as looking beyond our immediate surroundings to help those in need.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) were involved in relief work in Nepal in the wake of a devastating earthquake in April 2015. Our team at Rig Logistics wanted to support this relief effort. You can learn more about the Red Cross and their work in Nepal after this disaster on the Canadian Red Cross’s Red Cross Nepal Earthquake

Children are our future and we feel strongly about the need to care for them and invest in their lives. We all know how upsetting it is when one of our children is sick with a fever or routine illness. How devastating it is for families when a child is struck with something serious or life-threatening. We are grateful to the Calgary Health Region for the wonderful job they do for all of us. Alberta Children’s Hospital is the largest public hospital for sick children in the prairie provinces. When fundraising was going on for a new ward at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Rig Logistics was happy to help out.

At Rig Logistics, we are really bothered by the fact that there are people going hungry in a land of plenty. Regardless of the circumstances that cause someone to be in need of help, we think it’s important for help to be available. We are grateful for what we have and want to be sure that those who are less fortunate have food. Rig Logistics is a regular contributor to the Calgary Food Bank.

Every spring Rig Logistics gets together and helps out at a local community parade by serving food. It gets staff out into a completely different setting. The community is able to put faces to the company whose trucks they see out on the highway every day. We are able to build relationships in the community and give back in a tangible way.

As a company, we think that helping others enriches our lives and gives us purpose. It makes us aware that we are all part of a larger human family. Whether we are drivers, part of the office staff, maintenance shop, or management, giving brings us together as a team. There is a sense of accomplishment that enhances morale and brings a greater sense of purpose to our work together.

Rig Logistics is an asset-based, private carrier based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Please contact us if we can help you with supply-chain management solutions.