Exceeding industry standards to protect the environment

We have a deep appreciation for the beauty of our natural surroundings with our head office in Western Canada and terminals stationed across North America’s diverse landscapes. Since opening our doors, RIG has operated with an innate sense of ownership and accountability to minimize our environmental impact however we can.

RIG’s eco-friendly supply chain practices

While delivering transportation and logistics solutions across Canada, the USA and Mexico, we are doing our part to promote the sustainability of our planet with company-wide measures:

  • Utilization of Long Combination Vehicles (LCV)
  • Investments in latest-model low-emission equipment
  • Installation of anti-idling devices into all Volvo equipment, saving approx. 17M lbs of CO2 every year
  • Pro-rate heat system
  • State-of-the-art capture/offset system
  • Speed governors (factory optimum)
  • Installation of trailer skirts
  • Unit performance tracking & monitoring
  • Driver performance tracking & monitoring
  • Full-service tire agreement
  • Electrical outlets in yard for cold weather
  • Preventative equipment maintenance
  • Black oil recycling
  • Company-wide recycling
  • Educational and training programs for staff


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